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Step 2: Select the appropriate application below and complete all parts. This year we are requiring all firms, those who are renewing and those new to 3PM, to complete the membership application. We want to be sure that we have current information related to all of our members. All forms are fillable and allow for electronic completion. Email forms to Incomplete forms will be returned. No firm will be listed as a member for 2019 until their application is received and approved by the membership committee.

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Members-Only Site

The Members-Only section of the 3PM site permits members to take advantage of a variety of tools and resources, including the following:

  • Manager Exchange

  • Education Exchange

  • Resource Exchange

  • Archived Webinars

  • Membership Information

  • Vendor Discounts - COMING SOON!

We are also working on other benefits for members and hope to provide more information on these initiatives shortly.

3PM Members:

  • Has something changed at your firm?

  • Do you need to update your address?

  • Want to revise your firm profile?

  • Change a distribution channel worked in?

  • Add products your firm wants to work with?

If so then let us know by dropping us an email at

3PM Attend Events

Attend Events

3PM offers several different types of events for our members, including:

  • 3PM’s Annual Conference - Conferences provide something for all members of the Association whether they are Marketers, Managers, or Industry Associates? Want to learn more about these conferences, click here to learn about last year’s 3PM Annual Conferences?

  • Webinars - 3PM’s webinar series 3PM @ 3pm offers different series based on the interests of our members. Past conference series have included topics such as:

    • Regulatory Updates

    • Marketing Communication

    • Distribution Channels

    • What’s New at 3PM?

Members can access past webinars on the Members Only Site

  • Regional Roundtables - Groups of members in a geopgraphic region get together to discuss topics of interest.

  • Manager Exchange LIVE!
    This event gives managers the opportunity to take the podium and present their capabilities to an audience of highly experienced, industry leading third party marketing firms and other industry participants skilled in the areas of sales and marketing.

Click here to check out current events being offered.

Looking to get more involved with 3PM or participate in one of our Events?

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