What is Third Party Marketing?

Outsourced Global Marketing & Sales for Investment Managers


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Collectively, Our Present and Past Members Have:

3PM Assets Raised

Raised $70 Billion+ in new assets

3PM Consulting Firms

Contact with each of the top 100 consultng firms

3PM Institutional Meetings



Held 1,000+ meetings with institutional investors during the past 12 months



3PM Emerging Manager Platform

Been funded by each of the 10 emerging manager platforms

3PM Resources

3PM Manager Exchange

Manager Exchange

Connecting 3PMs and investment managers

3PM Information Exchange

Education Exchange

Find articles & ask questions about sales and marketing

3PM Resource Exchange

Resource Exchange

Discounted vendor offers / product and service sharing


Why 3PM!

Marketing & Sales is a Full-Time Job

Investment management firms on a tight budget often rely upon portfolio managers or other in-house staff to serve as sales executives.

Like portfolio management, sales and marketing should be a full-time job, with professionals devoted exclusively to this core function.

Third Party Marketers are dedicated sales and marketing resources without the uncertainty, overhead, and opportunity costs of an in-house solution.

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