What Third Party Marketing Does for Investment Managers:

What 3PM Does for Investment Managers

Third Party Marketing (3PM) enables investment managers to benefit from a professional, highly tailored sales and marketing strategy and helps control unwanted, fixed overhead costs.

Though 3PM firms are an outsourced solution, we are an integral part of a manager's operations: we are your partner.

3PM Firms:

  • Sharpen the manager’s story

  • Develop and execute the strategy

  • Create institutional-quality sales and marketing materials

  • Convert opportunities to assets


"Congratulations to the organization, and thanks, for the sophisticated and professional approach 3PM has taken on matters of great importance to 3PMs. All the while the SEC, MSRB, FINRA and the States try to reshape our world, 3PM has been central to the dialogue and impactful to the result."

Lisa Roth, Monahan & Roth, Former 3PM Board Member


The Typical 3PM Firm Profile

Typical 3PM Profile

Most Third Party Marketing firms consist of two to five highly experienced investment management marketing executives.

The firm usually has, on average, 20+ years experience of selling success in the institutional and/or retail distribution channels.

3PMs may also specialize in asset classes or market segments. For example:

  • Traditional long-only strategies such as domestic and international equity, small cap and large cap, value and growth style as well as diverse
    fixed income approaches.

  • Alternative asset classes including hedge funds, private equity, fund of funds and real estate.

  • Geographic focus in North America, Europe, Far East or Australia.

  • Market segment focus such as corporate and public pensions, endowments/foundations, insurance companies, sub-advisory opportunities
    and family offices.

For new and emerging managers,
differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace is a challenge -
one for which a 3PM is ideally suited.