Manager Exchange LIVE!

November 13, 2019

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Manager Exchange provides investment managers the opportunity to take the podium; to present their capabilities in front of a dedicated audience of highly experienced, industry leading third party marketing firms and receive feedback on their presentation.

Evaluators complete an active, real time and written assessment about your presentation—what works and what doesn’t, factors to consider and opportunities to pursue based on what they hear. You will receive notes from these industry experts, the inside scope and the real deal about what you are offering and what steps you should consider to improve your chances of success. Perhaps, along the way, you’ll also meet a marketing resource or two that could be instrumental in taking you to the next step.

Manager Exchange Brochure

Manager Exchange / Conference Registration:

  • Present at Manager Exchange LIVE!

  • Join Us for Cocktails and Dinner

  • Participate in the Annual Conference

  • Early Bird Pricing through 9/20/2019 $900

Manager Exchange and Reception Only:

  • Present at Manager Exchange LIVE!

  • Join Us for Cocktails and Dinner

  • Cost $850

  • Additional attendee: $150

Manager Exchange Presentation Only:

  • Present at Manager Exchange LIVE!

  • Cost $750

Do you have more than one member of your firm attending ME / conference? Take advantage of our Multiple Registrant Discount:

  • Register the first attendee at full price

  • All additional attendees are registered at $250 per person