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Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events group.  The investment industry has long been familiar with Informa’s PSN product as one of the industries oldest third party database providers, but did you know that Informa’s Financial Intelligence offers a full-suite of tools designed to meet a variety of needs? Read on to learn more about Informa, its offerings through Financial Intelligence and its partnership with 3PM.  All products are available either bundled our un-bundled so that users can determine the appropriate level of services for their firm. 

Flagship Product Suite

In 2017, Informa’s Financial Intelligence launched a new platform aimed at rolling our most popular tools and solutions together and online. For the first time Zephyr brings together Zephyr StyleADVISOR, PSN Enterprise, PerformanceIQ and Zephyr AllocationADVISOR giving advisors, analysts and investors access to the investable manager universe with performance reporting on actual investment results. The platform has enhanced charting, intuitive search and navigational capabilities where users spend less time searching and comparing products and more time working on actual research with clients.

Portfolio Analytics and Manager Research Tools

Zephyr StyleADVISOR is the investment industry’s most comprehensive performance analysis software that allows you to perform investment screens that enable you to quickly narrow your focus from the thousands of products available in the investment market, down to the few that meet your specific investment criteria.

Once selected, determine if your managers are staying true to their stated investment style using our industry-leading returns-based style analysis and compare their performance to industry peers, or to other managers in a portfolio.

All the standard statistics you would expect are included, along with a number of proprietary metrics. Managers can be compared to a market benchmark tailored to the manager’s own investment style, or against any index, in our extensive index database of over 42,000 global market indices.

You have the freedom to design your own multi-page analysis workbooks consisting of only the statistics, charts, and tables that interest you. Choose not only the managers to be analyzed, but also the benchmark, style basis, peer group, and time frame against which the manager should be analyzed, either chart by chart or across the entire workbook.

PSN Enterprise is the industry’s longest running database of separately managed accounts (SMA’s). Search through over 20,000 domestic and global SMA’s, ETFs, mutual funds, alternatives and equities, and access over 75 statistics to analyze any situation or product.

Zephyr On Demand is a web-based reporting tool designed to work in complement with Zephyr StyleADVISOR desktop software to allow users to easily generate compliance-approved reports on-the-fly from any location.

Zephyr Analytics API enables users to connect their applications to a robust math engine and produce industry-accepted MPT/PMPT statistics, returns-based and asset allocation analyses.

Performance Measurement and Client Reporting Tools

PerformanceIQ (commonly known as Scorecard) is the ideal performance measurement and reporting solution providing impartial performance measurement, based on stringent data validation, which is delivered both online via our web portal and in customized, privately labeled reports.

CompSiteIQ enables firms to create, maintain, and report composites in compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). CompSiteIQ supports the entire process of composite creation and management through reporting and publication. By working in conjunction with PerformanceIQ, or integrated with other third party systems, CompSiteIQ offers sophisticated composite construction and monitoring options that exceed the limited functionality found in spreadsheets and other software packages


Wealth Management & Investment Planning Tools

WealthIQ is an investment planning and proposal generation tool that produces compelling, branded presentations. It provides the perfect balance between customization and automation, giving advisors flexibility, while ensuring compliance with critical business standards.

ComplianceIQ makes investment policy statement and regulatory compliance easier and more efficient by providing a scalable monitoring solution with minimal resource demands. Users can manage workflow.

Zephyr AllocationADVISOR is a comprehensive asset allocation, optimization, and portfolio simulation tool designed to provide users everything they need to effectively determine the best investment allocations for their client portfolios and to produce professional reports that communicate their analysis clearly and concisely.

Informa offers members of 3PM discounts on subscriptions to the above listed products.  For more information about the discounted products offered above please reach out to Informa and mention the code 3PM to receive a discount:

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Senior Sales Executive – Investment Solutions
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