Member Benefit Provider 

FNEX is a fintech enabled investment bank. We focus on People, Platform and Product. We provide registration and compliance for registered reps across the U.S.  FNEX focus its’ business on capital markets, fund distribution, and trading shares in late-stage venture-backed companies.

  • FNEX handles all your back-office compliance needs

  • FNEX helps clients with product marketing and distribution

  • FNEX offers unique opportunities for generating additional revenue for reps

 Our software, FNEX Pro, is an award winning white-labeled Alts platform that democratizes deal discovery, research and valuation, and transaction execution process. This technology allows product sponsors to reach and service a greater number of client relationships than the typical capital introduction operation. We provide clients with:

  • Turn-Key White-Label Software

  • Customized Branding

  • Deal Room

Selective Distribution

FNEX is pleased to offer 3PM Members a 10% discount on a subscription to FNEX Pro. Be sure to mention that you are a member of 3PM to qualify for the discount.
For more information about FNEX please contact:

Todd Ryden
Phone: (888) 580-2588 x 1700