The Role of a 3PM

One of the most important jobs a 3PM has is to help its manager clients determine which investors would be most interested in their product offering(s).  This will determine the distribution channels the 3PM will focus its efforts in.  To determine this, we consider a variety of factors such as the product, the vehicle it is being offered in, the benefits and risks of the strategy, terms such as minimum account sizes and fees, tax implications and many more.   

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Donna DiMaria
Failure to Thrive and Why You Can't Sell a Wet Noodle

We’ve never met a manager who was not ‘excellent’ at what they do. We’ve never met a manager who did not herald his/her performance as ‘top of the charts’, ‘best in class’ and ‘highly marketable’. We’ve never met a manager who couldn’t show a positive growth chart and identify at least one statistic in which they stand very well above their peer group. Given this, why is it that so many managers fail to thrive? We all know that this blame is generally passed to marketing. However we also all know that even the best sales person will struggle in selling a wet noodle. If the past few decades have taught us anything they’ve taught us a few core tenants that we believe are worth sharing with managers, no matter how good they are.

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Sandra Powers