About the Third Party Marketers Association


Our History

The 3PM Association began in 1998 with seven member firms, and today brings together a global constituency of more than 60 member organizations.

Over time, the Association has played an active and pivotal role in industry advocacy and education on topics ranging from regulations, firm development, and contracting, through marketing and sales best practices.

Our membership roster includes established and new 3PM firms, investment management firms, service providers and other industry associates who support our endeavors.

Our Mission

To advance the outsourced investment management marketing and sales industry through:

  1. EDUCATION:  develop an understanding of the importance (and complexity) of establishing a professional investment management marketing distribution and sales effort;

  2. INFORMATION GATHERING:  we act as a central hub of industry information for fellow 3PM firms and investment managers, and;

  3. ADVOCACY:  we seek to work with state and federal regulatory agencies on a voluntary basis to support industry best practices.


"I would like to thank the 3PM group for both help in the compliance area and for referring potential new members to our BD... By participating in a couple of conference calls and attending a well-put-together annual conference, we have been able to get great value from our membership... Keep up the good work and keep the faith."
John Ahern, Compass Securities Corporation, 3PM Industry Associate



3PM Association Board of Directors


Executive Committee:

Sandra Powers Murphy
ARK Global, LLC

Donna DiMaria
Tessera Capital Partners, LLC

Ken Rogers
Arrow Partners, Inc.

Committee Chairs:

Events Committee Chair
Sandra Powers
ARK Global, LLC

Regulatory Committee Chair
Donna DiMaria
Tessera Capital Partners, LLC

Membership Committee Chair
Brian Fitzgibbon
Fitzgibbon Toigo Associates, LLC

Committee Chairs:

Partnerships & Sponsorships Chair
Stacy Havener
Havener Capital Partners LLC

Strategy Committee Chair
Frank Minard
XT Capital Partners, LLC 

Partnerships & Sponsorships Chair
Trisha Sandoz
Investment Management Support Solutions, LLC