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  • "I would like to thank the 3PM group for both help in the compliance area and for referring potential new members to our BD. We have only been a member for a short time but by participating in a couple of conference calls and attending a well-put-together annual conference, we have been able to get great value from our membership. Our thanks to you, the officers, and the members of the group. Keep up the good work and keep the faith." - John Ahern, Compass Securities Corporation, 3PM Industry Associate
  • "Being a member of 3PM is far more important than being necessary for success; it is absolutely necessary for survival." - Claude R. Parenteau, Parenteau Associates, LLC, 3PM Member
  • "For the little time I have been a member and comparing to other professional organization I joined in the past, I am impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment of the members in charge." - Pèire Bergonhós, Bergonhós Capital, 3PM Member
  • "3PM has proven to be an extremely useful resource for Tessera. Many of the Association's long-standing members have been very open to sharing their ideas and experiences with those of us new to contract marketing. Tessera has geartly benefited from our membership in the 3PM Assocation" - Donna B. DiMaria, Tessera Capital Partners, LLC, 3PM Board Member
  • "Congratulations to the organization, and thanks, for the sophisticated and professional approach 3PM has taken on matters of great importance to 3PMs. All the while the SEC, MSRB, FINRA and the States try to reshape our world, 3PM has been central to the dialogue and impactful to the result." - Lisa Roth, Keystone Capital Corporation, Former 3PM Board Member
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The Manager Exchange is a central hub that facilitates matches between managers and marketers.

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Choosing a Third Party Marketer

Networking, vendor discounts, regulatory updates, business development & ongoing education.

3PM membership offers support with these key issues and more.

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