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The Third Party Marketers Association believes that its members provide an essential service to the investment community through representation of products that may normally be inaccessible to the broad universe of potential investors. Given the complex nature of the marketplace and the competing demands of a variety of constituents, we believe that it is appropriate to outline the basic principles of member conduct. As such we have drafted 3PM's Principles and Best Practices. Adherence to these principles both reinforces the stature of our member firms and provides a standard of measurement which can strengthen the investment industry as a whole.  At least once per year, all 3PM Member Firms must certify that they will follow the Association’s Principles and Best Practices. Certify here.

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The Manager Exchange is a central hub that facilitates matches between managers and marketers.

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Networking, vendor discounts, regulatory updates, business development & ongoing education.

3PM membership offers support with these key issues and more.

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