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3PP status is open to those firms who are regularly engaged in or devote a significant portion of firm time
to business activities directly relating to or involving the provision of goods, educational information and services
to further enhance and promote the role of third party marketers with the managers they work with.

Meridian-IQ is the newest, deepest and most up-to-date database of Registered Investment Advisors on the market and also represents the next generation sales and marketing workflow engine incorporating the deepest and most accurate advisor database, time management tools and business planning software. Meridian-IQ has been developed by a team with decades of combined experience working with hundreds of financial institutions to help them utilize information and tools to most effectively drive their sales, marketing and research efforts in the RIA channel. Meridian-IQ is the first system of its kind to deliver both the data and software tools needed to efficiently maximize your business with advisors. 


Northern Lights Distributors, LLC believes mutual fund distribution can be simple and cost effective. Our primary mutual fund distribution services include establishing selling agreements with broker/dealers and banks interested in selling your fund and performing advertising reviews of fund literature in compliance with FINRA regulations.  In addition to providing you with access to our over 100 selling agreements and performing your advertising review, we can obtain an NSCC number for you, hold your registered representatives licenses and help them maintain their licensing.  Outsourcing these services to us allows you to focus on what you do best…growing the assets in your fund.