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Emerging Manager Monthly is a monthly e-newsletter that focuses on the emerging manager space, providing news and analysis of the consultants, plan sponsors, managers-of-managers and asset managers that comprise this quickly expanding space. From breaking news, people moves, fund launches, profiles and manager search leads, EMM gives you all the information you need to succeed. Visit our site to learn more or to sign up for a complimentary trial.

FIN alternatives FINalternatives is the premier, independent source for news on the alternative investment industry. The seasoned reporters at FINalternatives bring you the latest news and information from the hedge fund, private equity and CTA communities. Sign up for our free newsletter by visiting our website.

Marketing to Millennials for Financial Services The Financial Services Industry needs to crack the code to the elusive Millennials. Obtain critical insights from the leading financial brand executives on how to target, attract and retain this next generation of digital natives. This summit will give you answers to your questions about winning the loyalty and assets of young customers. It is the most comprehensive event in North America on everything you need to know on winning Millennials.

Source financial products and digital strategies that capture Gen Y:
-           Discuss digital marketing and branding campaigns
-           Gain insights into customer experience
-           Utilize emerging channels and optimize mobile user experience
-           Design products that drive customer acquisition
-           Integrate innovative technologies and provide cutting edge services

Attend this unique event to get a comprehensive understanding of how to address Millennials’ needs now to secure them as clients for the future!

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FINdaily is a daily email product that covers the US defined benefit space, providing manager search leads, people moves and valuable industry news. FINdaily is delivered straight to your inbox each afternoon, reporting manager search leads before you see them anywhere else, giving you valuable time to act and win business. Visit our site to learn more, or sign up for a complimentary trial.

Hedge Fund Alert delivers the early intelligence you need to anticipate new risks and opportunities facing fund-management firms, their investors and service providers. Be first to identify new capital-raising tactics, investor strategies and competition among industry vendors. Sign up for a three-issue FREE trial subscription to Hedge Fund Alert by calling 201-659-1700 or visiting
The Hedge Fund Law Report is the definitive source of actionable intelligence on hedge fund law and regulation. Each week, the Report brings you incisive analysis of key developments on topics including rulemaking, compliance, case law, regulation, enforcement, taxation, derivatives, marketing, best practices and more. Proprietary content is created by a team with backgrounds in hedge fund law, compliance, accounting and operations, financial journalism, regulation and academia. Content is presented accurately and efficiently in analytic articles and summary charts. We also publish articles contributed by leading lawyers, compliance professionals, regulators and thought leaders in relevant fields. In addition, our team routinely talks to key industry decision makers, policy makers and practitioners, and from that grass-roots research creates original features that are not available anywhere else.

Our goal is to enhance the scope, relevance and quality of information available to you when you make decisions that directly affect the profit and loss of your organization.

We work relentlessly in pursuit of that goal in the conviction that better information of the kind we provide can add value in three related ways: (1) complement your culture of compliance; (2) increase your revenues; and (3) reduce your costs.

For hedge fund managers, law, compliance and operations are no longer mere cost centers. Rather, a strong law department or law firm relationships, well-functioning operations and a pervasive and demonstrable culture of compliance are prerequisites for dealing with the top institutional investors, regulators, prime brokers, counterparties and creditors. In short, for hedge funds and their advisers, best practices in law, compliance and ops are a business imperative. The Hedge Fund Law Report gives you the tools you need to create and revise your practices, policies and procedures so that they reflect the best available intelligence.

The Hedge Fund Association, HFA, is an International not for profit industry trade and nonpartisan lobbying organization devoted to advancing transparency, development and trust in alternative investments.

Nonprofit News is a weekly email covering the Foundation + Endowment space, providing manager search leads, people moves and industry news. NPNews is delivered straight to your inbox each Thursday afternoon, reporting valuable information on the investments of foundation + endowments giving you an edge in this lucrative space. Visit our site to learn more, or sign up for a complimentary trial.