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Membership in 3PM is offered solely to sales and marketing organizations in good industry standing and registered with the appropriate regulatory authority.  All sales professionals working for the firm must be appropriately registered and have passed the necessary examinations.  All firm owners and principals must have a minimum of 5 years of direct investment management and/or financial services related business experience.  All employees and owners, or at least two management team members (CEO, CFO, CCO and/or COO) must attest via signature that they, nor their firm, nor any of its employees or owners have been the subject of any revocation, censure or litigation by the regulatory bodies that govern the financial services industry, including FINRA, the SEC, MSRB and the appropriate States, and if this has occurred, a detailed explanation must be attached for which 3PM will determine eligibility on a case by case basis. Firms will also be required to certify that they will follow 3PMs Principles and Best Practices.  Firms seeking membership must complete the application process and all required attachments in their entirety.

Please download and submit the Membership Application, as well as a Firm Profile. All members must sign 3PM's Principles and Best Practices. Click HERE for a copy. Do you have questions about joining 3PM? Click HERE here for a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Other ways to participate in 3PM

What if I am not able to join as a member but still want to be a part of 3PM? Well, then read on and select the appropriate category that fits your firm.

3PMENTOR Program

In an effort to maximize the value of the 3PM Organization, and to assist new members in most efficiently assimilating into the organization and the industry, we have established the 3PMENTOR program. The goal of this program is to bridge the gap between new members and more experienced 3PMs. Participation in this program will help to provide new firms as well as those in the early stages of their development an opportunity to be partnered with industry veterans and to learn first-hand the tools of the trade, what it takes to be successful, and what pitfalls to avoid. This program is designed to create an immediate connection between new 3PMs and more established 3PMs. 3PMENTOR Fact Sheet. Please download and submit the Mentor Program Participant Application.

Industry Associate

The Third Party Marketers Association offers Industry Associate participation to firms who offer products or services which support the efforts of third party marketers and their clients. As an Industry Associate, Please download and submit the Partnership Kit as an Industry Associate.

Third Party Providers

3PP status is open to those firms who are regularly engaged in or devote a significant portion of firm time to business activities directly relating to or involving the provision of goods, educational information and services to further enhance and promote the role of third party marketers with the managers they work with. Please download and submit the Partnership Kit as a Third Party Provider. Contact Gabrielle Copperwheat in the 3PM Office for more information.

Member Benefits Provider

Click HERE for more information on becoming a Member Benefits Provider to 3PM members. Please download and submit the Partnership Kit as a Member Benefits Provider.

Member Director

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Regulatory compliance, business development, ongoing education. 3PM membership offers support with these key issues and more.

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