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3PM 2013 Annual Conference - Boston

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3PM 2011 Annual Conference - Boston

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Windows Media Player The Transformation of 3PM Contracts and Compensation (April 4, 2012)

This webinar was a continuation of the session from 3PM's 2011 Annual Conference. The investment industry has undergone a number of significant changes that affect the way a third party marketer operate and get paid. Dodd-Frank has mandated new regulation while bills like AB 1743 have prohibited a marketer from earning a contingency fee. Given these changes, third party marketers can no longer conduct business the way they used to. Our panel of industry experts, including discussed how all of these factors impact a third party marketerís contracts and compensation structure and will offer creative ways to earn a living while still working within the confines of the rules. Click HERE for an agenda from the webinar. Panelists included: Larry Beaupre from Proskauer Rose, LLP, Charlie Bartz from Berchwood Partners and Matthew Eisenberg from Finn Dixon & Herling LLP. The webinar was moderated by Mike Pereira of Hedge Fund Law Report.

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To view Webcast Click HERE.

Windows Media Player State of the States: Insight into the current regulatory environment for 3PMs (June 29,2011)

The 3PM Strategy Committee has been working on a project to identify the specific rules and regulations that apply to Third Party Marketers who want to work in certain States. While SEC Rule 206-5-4 applies to all activities across the country, many States have enacted additional regulations that apply to 3PMs working with the Public Pension Funds in their jurisdiction. Some States now require registration as a Lobbyist, others ban the use of contingency fees while other have instituted an outright ban on 3PMs working with any public pension plans in their State. The State of the States webcast, which was the first in a series, will help 3PMs sort all of this out. Presenters explained what 3PMs can expect when working in NY, CA, IL, KY, OH and NM. Panelists include: Frank Minard, Lisa Roth, and Charlie Bartz.

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To view Webcast Click HERE.
Presentation Slides Click HERE.

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“3PM has proven to be an extremely useful resource for Tessera. Many of the Association's long-standing members have been very open to sharing their ideas and experiences with those of us new to contract marketing. Tessera has geartly benefited from our membership in the 3PM Assocation”

Donna B. DiMaria, CEO
Tessera Capital Partners, LLC
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